Jungle Pillows is the online destination for sustainable jungle home decor. Get inspired by the wild to create a lush, tropical home paradise with exotic batik tapestries, pillowcases, hand-woven baskets, wall art, tableware, ceramics, pottery, bells, throw blankets, organic bedding, live plants, and so much more. Our products feature bright colors and vivid tribal patterns and are steeped in techniques from indigenous cultures from across the world.

Using sustainable wood, recycled metals, long grass, soapstone, ceramic, bone, terracotta, hemp, and traditionally-stitched and organic cotton, our products are created to bring a majestic and inspired-by-nature decor into your kitchen, living space, bathroom and bedrooms.

All of the items in our collections are environmentally-conscious and handmade according to fair trade standards in countries across Africa, Peru, Mexico, Nepal, India, Portugal, France, Turkey, Cambodia and the US by artisans whose crafts provide a livelihood for those in their communities. At Jungle Pillows, you can bring a vibrant jungle ambiance into your favorite rooms while supporting these artisans and fair trade principles at the same time.