Blossom Inspirations Handmade Alpaca Penguin Toy

Size: Small Penguin
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  • Did you know that there are penguins in Peru? Yes! In the South of Lima, Peru, thanks to the current of Humboldt and cold waters, these creatures that have adapted to the Peruvian beaches.
  • Based on their habitat, Peruvian craftsmen have made this penguin from recycled Alpaca fur. 
  • Large and small sizes


  • This toy took approximately 2 days by artisan’s cooperative to complete.  
  • All production was handmade in the Cuzco region of Peru.
  • 100% recycled Alpaca
  • Your purchase helps these families in their economic independence, social well-being and self-esteem


  • Measurements:
    • Large Penguin: Height: 10 inches, Width: 9 inches
    • Small Penguin: Height: 7 inches, Width: 5 inches
  • Weight: Large 0.3 lbs, Small 0.3 lbs

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