Rustic Loom Aqua Pink Gray Stripe Woven Cotton Ikat Tea Towel

Sale price$28.00


  • This Aqua Pink Gray Stripe Handwoven Cotton Ikat Tea Towel makes a perfect home decor accent for your kitchen or bathroom!
  • One handwoven Ikat tea towel
  • Measures: 20" x 28" square (approx)
  • Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry

Ikat Tea Towel

This handwoven Ikat tea towel is sourced from a nonprofit organization in India who employs disadvantaged women to sew items, and works with traditional Ikat weavers who weave cloth. Ikat fabric is a laborious and intricate craft whereby artisans tie and dye warp (yarns on a loom) threads to create the pattern, then weave fabric by hand on the loom.  

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