Rustic Loom Cotton Orange Pink Triangle Stripe Ikat Cloth Dinner Napkins Set of 4

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These napkins are sourced from a nonprofit organization in India who employs disadvantaged women to sew items, and works with traditional ikat weavers who hand weave cloth.

Ikat fabric is a laborious and intricate craft whereby artisans tie and dye warp (yarns on a loom) threads to create the pattern, then weave fabric by hand on the loom. By buying this product, you are supporting sustainable, ethically sourced products. This tea towel will last for years and years to come!


  • Perfect for a modern summer table or dinner table. 100% Cotton Ikat Cloth Dinner Napkins Set of 4 Orange Pink Triangle Stripe
  • Measures: 20" x 20" (approx)
  • Design featuring orange, pink, natural white, gray
  • Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry.

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