Swahili African Modern Vanilla Sugar Swirl Flat Lid Storage Basket

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  • Wolof women in Senegal innovate traditional coil weaving methods by enlivening natural grass baskets with colorful strips of plastic salvaged from a mat factory.
  • Cattails grow abundantly in rural Senegal, so women can earn a sustainable income from basket weaving while enriching homes around the world with modern African craftsmanship.
  • This classic-style laundry hamper storage basket features an overlapping lid and cutout handles.
  • Sold singly
  • Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.


  • Handmade in Senegal by Swahili African Modern
  • Size: 14"D x 19"T
  • Materials: Typha (cattail) stalks, recycled plastic strips

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