Verve Culture Small Artisan Citrus Juicer

Color: Gold
Sale price$98.00


Make space on your counter top for a gorgeous new addition to your kitchen tools! This authentic, artisanal, small hand juicer is known for its popularity in markets all over Mexico. It extracts every drop of juice from citrus fruits, while the strainer catches seeds and pulp. This juicer is simple to use and clean, requiring much less elbow grease than your average manual citrus juicer. This traditional stunning, sturdy design is made from 100% recycled aluminum. It will be the source of delicious juices for drinking, cooking, and cocktails for decades.


  • Grab a glass: This small juicer is perfect for lemons, limes, and small oranges. The juicer’s “jaws” are easy on the hands, and hard on your fruit. 
  • Authentic experience: Take a walk through any local market in Mexico and you’ll see artisans making juices everywhere. Electric juicers are fine, but this is what your friends and family will rave about. 
  • 100% Handmade: Artisans make each and every juicer by hand. The juicers are individually cast in sand, ground by hand, and then hand-polished.
  • Made Sustainably: These juicers are made with 100% recycled aluminum. 


  • Dimensions: 14" L x 5.7" W x 13.5" H
  • Handmade in Mexico by Verve Culture

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